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Hiring an Office Manager for a Small Business: (How it could change your life)

Thinking about hiring an office manager for your small business?

Odds are you`re having some doubts!

Perhape you don`t know what they do.

You might be unsure if you can afford the investment.

Or the idea of someone else running your business scares you.

If so, this post is for you.

I`ll explain why hiring an office manager for your small business could change your life, what they do, how to hire one, and how much to pay. 

Sound good?

Great, let’s get started.

Does every office need to hire an office manager?

The short answer is yes.

But does it have to be you?


You’re already responsible for everything, right? 

That`s why you need help. 

By handling administrative tasks like your schedule and customer inquiries, an office manager can oversee your team and keep everything running smoothly, so you can focus on growing your business.

Or, god forbid, work a little less!

So, if you’re overwhelmed, hiring an office manager could be the secret to your magic sauce. But before you do, let’s explore the benefits and potential drawbacks.

2. The Joys of Hiring an Office Manager for a small business

The person you hire determines the benefits of hiring an office manager.

One manager might be technically better at the job, while another brings an infectious positive attitude that drives you and your business forward.

But there are benefits you can be sure of, such as:

Increased efficiency, productivity, and profits!

Your office manager can delegate administrative tasks that suck the hours out of your day, like scheduling appointments, managing files, or maintaining office supplies and equipment.

Streamlining processes, leading to increased efficiency, productivity, and profit.

Avoids a "failure to communicate"

Every business needs effective communication and organization. An office manager connects employees and management, ensuring everyone agrees, and tasks are delegated. 

They can also implement and maintain organizational systems that improve workflow and reduce clutter.

Improves your customer service

There`s no excuse for bad customer service; people never forget it. Your office manager can handle inquiries and complaints, maintain customer databases, and implement customer service policies to improve retention rates.

Ensuring every customer feels appreciated, and when that happens, they`ll love you for it.

Reduces your stress, helping avoid burnout

Small business owner burnout is real, fortunately there`s a cure.

An office manager can handle the administrative tasks that often fall through the cracks and create stress, allowing you to stay energized and focused on growing your business.

The takeaway:

An office manager can increase your business’s efficiency and productivity, improve customer service, and free up your time to focus on things that matter.

3. The Potential Drawbacks of Hiring an Office Manager for a small business

Where there`s an up, there`s always a down. 

Here are 3 to look out for:

Yup, cost

Cost is a biggy when deciding whether to hire an office manager. And depending on your business budget and the office manager’s responsibilities, this can be a hefty investment. 

But you often get back what you put out, and an office manager can help save money by increasing efficiency and productivity.

Hiring a square peg for a round hole

Another challenge is finding the right office manager for your business.

Sure, you need someone with the skills and experience but they must also suit your company’s culture. This takes time and effort, and there’s always the risk of getting it wrong!

Letting go of control without loosing it

You might struggle to let go of control when hiring an office manager, especially when used to handling everything yourself. 

But delegation is part of the expansion game and how you grow your business. 


The takeaway: 

Hiring an office manager costs money; finding the right one takes time, and you must learn to delegate.

4. What are an office manager's duties?

At the base level, an office manager has four essential duties:

Boring administrative tasks

They handle administrative tasks, like scheduling appointments, answering phones, and managing email correspondence. They may also maintain office supplies and equipment.

Essential human resources

Office managers also handle human resources tasks, such as recruiting and hiring new employees, managing employee benefits, and handling employee conflicts or concerns.

Boring financial management

Depending on your business size, an office manager with financial training could look after budgeting, bookkeeping, payroll processing, and future financial planning.

Office harminization

An office manager ensures your office runs like a Swiss timepiece by managing office procedures, delegating tasks, and maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment.


The takeaway:

They oversee daily office operations, including administrative tasks, human resources, financial management, and make your office a fun place to work in.

5. How do you recruit an office manager?

Recruiting an office manager requires careful planning; after all, you want to get it right the first time and ensure who you hire suits the role and your business culture. 

These strategies can help:

Identify your needs and goals

Now is when you design your perfect office manager.

Before hiring, know why you need one and your goals for the position. 

Consider the specific skills and experience you need, your budget for the position, and any other requirements or preferences you have.

Job description and posting

Once you know why you need an office manager, it’s time to craft your job description and post the position. 

Include information about the responsibilities and qualifications required for the position and other vital details, such as salary and benefits.

You can post the position on job boards, social media, and other relevant websites to attract a pool of qualified candidates.

Interviewing and the final cut

Once you’ve received applications from interested candidates, it’s time to interview and decide. 

You should conduct initial phone or video interviews to narrow down the pool of candidates before inviting them for in-person interviews. 

During the interviews, ask questions about the candidate’s experience, skills, and approach to office management. 

After interviews, make your final decision relative to your needs for the position and the candidate’s qualifications and fit for the role.

The takeaway:

Recruiting an office manager involves identifying your needs and goals, crafting a job description and posting the position, interviewing, and making a final decision. 


6. What is an office manager's salary?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) puts the average office manager’s salary at $59,690 per year or $28.70 per hour.

But it varies depending the following factors: 

An office manager’s salary is not solely based on their title or job description but also their skills and experience. 

For example, an office manager with computer skills, specialized training, and relevant certifications earns more than one without. And industries like finance, healthcare, and information technology pay more.

Other salary deciders are their level of responsibility, your company’s size, and geographic location. For instance, an office manager in a large corporation in New York probablt earns more than one working for a small business in Alabama.

The takeaway:

While the average salary is around $59,690, skills, experience, industry, and location influence an office manager’s wage. 


See how hiring an office manager couls help you become a successful business owner.

Sure, there are risks, but that`s part and part of growing your business.

And there are rewards.

An office manager can help free up your time and reduce stress. Which often means better results. 

And your family, team, and customers will love you for it. 

So why wait? Craft your job description today and find the perfect office manager to take your business to the next level!

It could be the best investment you`ll ever make. 

Good luck, and happy hiring!

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