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8 Home Based Business Ideas That You Can Start Today

Since I was a kid, I always knew that I would work from home. I saw my dad shuffle out of the house at 7 am, only to sit in traffic for an hour before he got to the office. And then he had to deal with an ass of a boss. I knew that was not the life for me.  

Fast-forward 30 years, and I now work from home. I shuffle out of bed at 8 am, shower, meditate, have some breakfast, do some quick exercise and walk 5ft down my hall to my office. No traffic, no fuss, no hassle. 

However, I am not the only one with that dream. More and more people are looking to ditch their bosses and their offices. And you can too! Today, it’s easier than ever. However, if you’re not sure of what home based business ideas might work for you, below are some that might inspire you to make the leap. 

#1 Blogging

I am a big fan of blogging. In-fact, this website is basically a blog. For those of you who like to write, starting a blog might be the perfect fit for a home-based business. And there is good money in words. Top bloggers make upwards of 20k per month, but even a humble blog can make 2k. 

Starting a blog is not too expensive; you can be up and running for less than $25. To get started, you will first need to choose a niche and purchase a domain name. Then select a blogging platform; this is where you will build your blog. The platform used by most bloggers is WordPress. You will also need web hosting. 

If you want to learn more about blogging, there are some fantastic resources online. I recommend checking out this post from Ryan Robinson (this guy is a top blogger)

#2 Freelancing 

A freelancer is someone who has a skill that they provide to businesses for a fee. Popular freelance jobs include graphic design, content writing, web development, and translation services. However, there are hundreds of other services that you can offer as a freelancer. 

Typically freelancers work for multiple clients at the same time and charge for their services either per hour or per job completed. Some work on retainer. The rates you can charge vary depending on the service offered; for example, a web developer might charge a higher rate than a content writer. 

To get started as is pretty straightforward. There are lots of freelance platforms such as Fiverr and, where you can set-up a profile for free. Also, check job boards, many companies use freelancers instead of hiring an in-house employee for a role.  

#3 Consultancy 

Consultants are people who have expert knowledge in a particular field and offer their expertise as a service to businesses or individuals. Consultants are common in the areas of marketing, sales, finances, and management, but these are by no means the only fields where businesses need consultants. 

So, if you have expert knowledge in a particular area, then you might be able to offer that expertise for a fee. Just like with freelancing, the money you can make will vary depending on the service you provide and the industry where your expertise lies. However, it’s not unusual for consultants to earn upwards of five thousand dollars per month. 

If you think consultancy might be for you, the best way to get started is to access the expertise that you have and identify the types of businesses that could benefit from your knowledge. Once you know this, you can begin to approach these businesses. You can also create profiles on freelancing platforms or dedicated consultancy marketplaces like 

#4 Ecommerce Seller

Ecommerce is a catch-all term that refers to the buying and selling of goods via the internet, and in 2020 eCommerce sales are estimated to account for 15.5 percent of retail sales worldwide. That’s a lot of people buying online, and if you want a slice of this pie, you can become an eCommerce seller. 

Selling products online is easier than you might think, and there are lots of places where you can sell your wares. You can use sell on platforms like eBay, Amazon FBA, and Etsy. Or you can create your own online store using Shopify.  

To get started as an eCommerce seller, you will first have to decide what you want to sell. The next step is to source your products. Some sellers buy products from China, others source them locally, and some people even make their own products – these are usually artisans who sell on Etsy.  

#5 Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant is someone who provides services to businesses via the internet. Many VA (virtual assistant) roles are administrative in nature, but the range of tasks VAs perform are not just limited to admin type tasks. Some common virtual assistant tasks include calendar management, research, data entry, editing and proofreading, and customer support. 

Most VA’s charge hourly rates, and depending on your expertise and the task, you can charge anywhere from $6 to $20 per hour. Like freelancers and consultants, virtual assistants usually have multiple clients. 

VA’s don’t have to specialize in a particular area; many virtual assistants perform different roles. The services you can offer really depends on your skill sets and strengths. To get started, determine the tasks you feel you would be good at performing. Then you can set-up profiles on platforms like,, and Mechanical Turk ( 

#6 Tutoring

Tutoring is an age-old way to earn an income. Traditionally, as a tutor, you were limited to acquiring clients in your local area. But, today, thanks to the internet, your tutoring business can have a global reach. Popular tutoring subjects are math, music, and languages, but you can become a tutor for nearly any subject. 

Tutors typically charge per hour. However, you you can maximize your income by offering group classes. Which means you can potentially make a lot of money for one tutoring session. 

To offer tutoring services, you should have expert knowledge of a particular subject or multiple subjects. After all, your students are looking to master a subject. To kick-off your tutoring business you can advertise in your local area with flyers and posters, to take your service global you can sign-up to platforms like and – there are many more. 

#7 Home Beauty Salon 

Every thought about opening a beauty salon? If so, why not go ahead and open one in your home. This is not as strange as it sounds. Home beauty salons are actually becoming increasingly popular. If you have hair, make-up, or nail care skills, you can offer beauty services to friends, family, and clients from your local area.  

There is a lot of money in beauty, especially if you offer a wide range of treatments such as manicures and pedicure, eyebrow threading or shaping, hair styling, make-up, and makeovers. 

To start your home beauty salon, the first thing you will need is space. Doing hair and make-up for clients in your kitchen while your kids run around isn’t ideal. If you have space, the next thing you need to do is check with the local authorities if you need any special permits. 

Once you tick the boxes in regards to space and permits, you will need to buy the right equipment, and then you’re ready to get some customers. If you’re good, you will have no problem building a client base; your happy customers will gladly recommend you to their friends and family. 

#8 Catering 

Do you have a passion for cooking? Are you the chef du jour for family events and get-togethers? Well, why not turn your tasty passion into dollars by starting a home-based catering business.

Running a catering business can be very profitable. According to Shmoop, caterers earn between $30,000 to $80,000 per year. Of course, the amount you make will largely depend on the size of your enterprise and the clients you serve.

Opening a home catering business is not as easy as some of the other businesses on this list. Regardless of the size of your operation, you will need to apply for the appropriate permits, licenses, and insurance. However, these are not big roadblocks to overcome, once your kitchen is in order. 

Over to you 

The above home based business ideas are just a drop in the ocean of the businesses you can start from home. If none of the eight on this list grabbed you, don’t worry there are hundreds of others – you just have to put your thinking cap on to find the right one for you. 

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