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How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?

How can Google ads help you advance your business goals? The short answer to the question is that they can help advance all of your business goals. 

Increasing sales, driving leads and subscriptions, building brand awareness, and increasing website traffic or foot traffic are the primary goals for most businesses. And Google ads can help you achieve all of them.

One of the main advantages of Google ads over other marketing channels such as SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, and content marketing is that you get instant exposure and see results immediately.

But before we dive into how Google ads can help advance your business goals, let’s take a few seconds to understand the Google Ads platform.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is an advertising platform where people can advertise their businesses locally, nationally, or internationally on Google-owned properties and associated ad networks. 

Google Ads offers different cost structures for serving ads; you can pay per click, per impression (1000 ad views), or by view for videos ads. The platform uses an auction system to determine how much you pay; advertisers bid against each other to display ads. 

You also have a range of advertising options (known as campaign types) within the Google Ads platform to help you achieve your desired business goals.  

  • Search campaign
  • Display campaign
  • Video campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns 
  • Local campaign 
  • App campaigns 
  • Smart campaigns


Let’s take a deeper look at each campaign type and how each can help advance your business goals. 

The different types of Google Ads campaigns

This is where we get into how Google ads help you advance your business goals. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can choose from the different campaigns on offer. For this post, we will focus on the most common campaign used by businesses. 

  • Search campaigns
  • Display campaigns
  • Video campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns 
  • Local campaigns 

Google search campaigns

Search campaign ads are the original Google ad types. If you have ever used Google search, then you are familiar with them. These are the text ads displayed at the top or the bottom of Google search results pages. 

With search campaigns, you can choose the keywords you want ads to show for, and when your potential customers search on Google, your ad will appear on the results pages. 

Goals that these campaigns deliver: 

Search campaigns are perfect if your goal is to drive sales of products or services or drive leads and subscriptions. These ad types are highly targeted and put your business in front of people actively searching for products and services related to your business.

Google display campaigns 

Display campaign ads are image-based ads that display on websites. These are the banner ads that follow you around the internet when you visit different websites. 

Display campaigns allow you to have your ad appear on the millions of websites and apps within the Google Display Network. 

Goals that these campaigns deliver: 

Display campaigns can drive both sales and leads. However, they are best suited to brand awareness goals. With these ads, you can put your business in front of thousands of people across the internet. 

Video campaigns

After Google, YouTube is the next biggest search engine on the planet. Over 120 million people visit the platform every day, and for this reason, many advertisers are now using video ads as part of their marketing strategy. 

Goals that these campaigns deliver: 

Like the Google display campaigns, YouTube can help achieve sales and leads goals, but the power of YouTube lies in delivering brand awareness goals. Even if people don’t engage with your ad, they have to watch it for 15 seconds before viewing a video. 

Shopping campaigns

Shopping campaigns are ideal for businesses that sell physical products. Your products will appear in search results pages and the Google Shopping tab. 

These types of campaigns work great for local retailers and online eCommerce stores. The ads are highly targeted and put your product inventory in front of people actively searching for similar products. 

Goals that these campaigns deliver: 

Shopping campaigns work best for meeting product sales goals. They can also help drive in-store visits from local shoppers. 

Local campaigns

If you have a physical location in a local area, then local campaigns are perfect for you. For local stores, restaurants, and venues, local ads are a must. They literally put you on the map! 

With local campaigns, your ads will appear across Search, Display, Google Maps, and YouTube. When people perform local searches, your ads will appear with your address, opening hours, and other important information. 

Goals that these campaigns deliver: 

Local campaigns will help you achieve products or services sales goals; they can also help drive brand awareness goals.

Over to you

Some people play the long game when marketing their business and invest in slow-burner marketing channels like SEO. However, if you want to see results fast, Google Ads is perfect for you. 

You came to this post wondering how Google can ads help you advance your business goals, and I hope you now have a better understanding of just how they help. 

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