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How to Develop Your “Know Like Trust” With Social Media

In 2019, Edelman, a respected global communication firm, published their “Trust Barometer Special Report.” 

The report highlights the role that trust plays in consumer buying decisions and consumer expectations from brands. 

Edelman surveyed over 16,000 people across eight countries to compile the report, and 81% of respondents said that brand trust is a deal-breaker or a deciding factor in the purchase decision-making process.

The CEO and president of Edelman said,

Trust has always played an important role in brand purchase. But consumers now have much larger expectations of brands, and their trust is predicated on how well a brand can pass through the three gates of trust—product, customer experience, and impact on society. “

So what does this mean for your business?

Well, the answer is simple is this: To succeed in today’s world of savvy, brand-aware consumers, you have to do everything you can to build trust with your audience. 

The good news is that becoming a trusted brand and business is not rocket science. You just have to be authentic and human!

Not a tall order by any means. 

And you can do this by leveraging a marketing principle known as “know like trust” (KLT). 

Author Tracy Ring writes, 

“The “know like trust” (KLT) factor is a marketing concept that is becoming more and more important. The goal is to get your audience, prospects, leads, customers, or clients to understand and eventually believe in your brand.” 

Tracy Ring goes deeper into KLT and how you can infuse it into your social media marketing strategy in the below post published on the Jessica Thiefels blog. 

This post covers: 

  • Living your brand values
  • The importance of consistency 
  • Leveraging UGC content 
  • Showing your human side (don’t be camera shy)

Click to read “How to Develop Your “Know Like Trust With Social Media” on the Jessica Thiefels blog and begin the process of winning the hearts and minds of your audience. 


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