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Reasons why you should display social media feeds in your next event

Want to make your next event memorable for your audience? Show them something they already love, i.e., engaging social media content.

People love sharing and seeing experiences on social media, so you can collect live social media posts from different platforms and display them on a social wall during your event. 

Social media feeds are a great tool you can use to get your audience hooked.

How to use Social Media Feeds on Events?

  • Show live feeds from your event on your social wall so people can know all the activities happening around and what amenities are available. You can create a dedicated hashtag with your event name so the audience can easily share their pictures and videos on social media, and you can aggregate them in one place.
  • You can run live contests on social media platforms and show the live entries on your event’s social wall to boost participation.
  • You can show the speaker’s/guest’s social media profiles and their content feeds to share more awareness about them in your audience.
  • If you have huge brand engagement on social media, you can show your product reviews and influencer posts on your social wall. 

Reasons why displaying social media feeds will enhance your event

Still not sure if you should consider using them when planning your next event, then read this blog as we discuss the reasons why you should display social media feeds in your next event.

1. Earn from sponsored ads 

Event sponsors mainly want to create brand awareness and possibly engagement plus sales when they spend on sponsorships for any event. But, most events fail to market their sponsors well, which leaves the sponsors sour as they don’t get any profit. So what you can do differently is offer sponsored posts between social media feeds. 

When your audience sees sponsored posts along with social media feeds displayed at your event, they will be more attentive to them. The audience is more likely to be interested in the sponsored products and services. It will directly benefit your sponsors, and they are more than happy to sponsor your event and leverage your engaged audience. 

2. Cover the complete event

When people attend an event that excites them, they love to click the pictures and share them on social media. As event attendees, they are not just making memories; they are covering special moments for you that your event photographers and video recorders can miss!

In short, you have got a lot of people covering your event. You can display these pictures and videos on your social media feed live at the event. Your event attendees can see the highlights of your event on the social media feeds display and visit them. It also gives your event attendees a better experience. 

3. Boost live event engagement

Live events like competitions, concerts, and carnivals have a lot of audiences who are charged up with the energy to enjoy the event. They are the people who would use the time between the event activities and click a lot of pictures. You can boost their participation by displaying social media feeds on digital display screens. The attendees will be motivated to share more content by seeing their pictures and videos on the digital display. It will boost the live or virtual event engagement.

You can also share the latest industry news on the digital display. Like tweets, Instagram posts, or Facebook posts from famous people. It will create a buzz and hype in the audience. If you have any special guests arriving at your event, you can also show their social media feed on your event display. 

Social media feeds are very interactive, and by displaying them at your event, you can create a lively atmosphere. Running live contests using the social media feeds at your event is a great idea. It will add a vibe of excitement to your event.

4. Show social proof and build brand authenticity

Displaying user-generated content social media feeds in the event is like showing social proof of how much your people love your brand. It helps you show your target audience that your brand has a social presence, and the customers trust your brand for the good services and products you sell. You can show your brand authenticity by using the online reviews and social media UGC at your event. 

Will you use social feeds at your next event?

Event planning is not all about managing the event. To make it successful, you need to make it innovative and engaging for the audience. If the audience isn’t entertained during the event, they will be uninterested. It leaves a bad impression on the event organizers. When planning an event, the one simple thing you can do is use social media feeds. 

Displaying social media feeds will create excitement and engagement in your audience. Since it will easily capture their attention, you can also leverage it to pitch your brand products and services and build a loyal customer base. 

Make your next event rocking by displaying social media feeds.

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